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Sky Valley Volunteers considers the health and safety of our volunteers and supporters a top priority.  Like you, we are  concerned about the spread of the novel Coronavirus and the uncertainty it is creating in our daily lives. In the interest of the health of our community we have decided to delay all Tree Planting and Acorn Potting activities until the virus concern has lifted.
please see our video below to know what we do

Sky Valley Volunteers

A rag-tag group of miss-matched misfits, fighting insurmountable odds against the forces of evil, in order to save the world!


A group of dedicated environmental stewards, working diligently to preserve, protect and restore the Mountains above Chatsworth and the West Valley.

Our Impact

What We Do

We gather acorns, stratify and germinate them, pot and plant the sprouts. We have a very dedicated watering crew who are braving the heat twice a week, keeping the thirsty babies alive. Our team is an incredible and eclectic group of individuals with a common goal in mind: to restore local forests and promote habitat restoration in the wider community.

It is estimated the drought has killed over 111,000 trees in the Santa Monica mountains alone.Twenty six million trees in the western Sierra are dead. Sixteen million trees in Southern California…dead. The extended drought has weakened our trees and made them more susceptible to pests and disease.

We have mountains to heal, come join us!


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We like to educate public about our projects and activisim. The more people are aware, the more can be done to preserve the beauty and heritage of our surroundings. Please help us spread the awareness. Follow us on social media, share our posts, and sign up for our newsletter and the bottom of this page. We appreciate the help!

Get Involved

How You Can Help

You can help us in several ways. You can support our organization by making a monetary donation, or you can volunteer to help us out in the field.  We appreciate any help.

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