Who we are

John Luker

John Luker and Wendi Gladstone, officers on the Board of Directors of SSMPA, have repurposed Save Chatsworth, Inc. a 501(c)(3) Charitable Non-Profit. Our new Mission statement is “to promote healthy and positive stewardship of the local mountains and regional open space through education and habitat restoration”. We have gathered a number of wonderful like-minded lunatics to serve on our Board and field crew. We are a strong and dedicated team.

The Sky Valley Volunteers are identified in one of two ways, depending on who you talk to. Either we are a ragtag group of misfits, fighting overwhelming odds against an implacable foe, in order to save the world… OR… We’re a dedicated group of local stakeholders planting forests in order to protect our little corner of the world… Maybe we are a bit of both? We’ve also been viewed as, “little ants carrying watermelon”.

Wendi Gladstone

We are forming strategic relationships with other local non-profits and community groups who help spread the word about the need for Habitat Restoration. Tree People has been especially valuable to us for training and advice, as has Rosi Dagit of the Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains.

The Neighborhood Councils in the West San Fernando Valley have been instrumental in promoting our work, especially West Hills, Chatsworth, and the offices of L.A. County Supervisor Katherine Barger and Councilman Englander. In the private sector, the Boeing Co has graciously accepted our proposal to reforest several groves on their property. The MRCA has given us tremendous encouragement by giving us access to their property. We are always looking for new colaborators! We really are “The Little Engine that CAN!”

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